January 24, 2019

Tesla Model S Sedans to be get Over-the-air OS Update

Other than a handful of slight revisions to the code, the obligatory update to the standard 1.9.11 is more likely to fine-tune the scope calculator to reduce the vehicle’s projected maximum driving range by nearly up to 35-miles. Shanna Hendriks, the company’s Spokesman said that a few modifications may increase the standard safety parameters of the upcoming vehicle, and formulate material advancements to the technology.

Few of the new revisions are expected to offer the driver the choice to manage/switch off any newly incorporated features like idle creep. As informed by the carmaker, an alarm clock that is positioned just above the standard seventeen inch touch screen will notify all the latest Model S consumers about the new updates, and the consumers are even allowed to program the software alteration for any particular time of their own choice.

The new sedan is required to be parked to carry out the software upgrade, and it has been informed that the new latest software push would take nearly 2 hours to conclude. If the vehicle is hooked up, charging will break until the completion of the software upgrade, and then restart instantly. The Model S owners are provided with no other way to avoid the latest software upgrade.

While both the well-known Chrysler and Mercedes Benz Motors have recently declared their future strategies to do over-the-air software updates to few selected vehicles in the coming year, the Silicon Valley based Tesla Motors will be the very first carmaker to deliver a software update by making use of either Wi-Fi signal offered by the owner’s residence internet connection, or embedded 3G data link incorporated in the new vehicle.

The main aspect of the automaker’s revised software update will be substituting the rated limit in Max Range form, which is presently fixed at around three hundred-miles. The latest rated limit is expected to reveal the standard five cycle test of EPA, which rated the new Model S electric sedan at around 265-miles.

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